Hushbeauty 35OT palette SWATCHES & REVIEW

Hey beautieeeeeeeeeeeees!!!

Sooooo excited to introduce a NEW NIGERIAN BRAND called HUSHBEAUTY. Make sure you check them out and follow them @hushbeautyng on Instagram. Now i am very much excited because i have been trying alot of new nigerian brands lately and the review is insane. Super proud of @hegaiandesther  @taoscosmetics @Nubanbeauty with their amaaaaaaazing amaaaaaaazing products!!! 

   Hushbeauty is a Nigerian brand that has Eyeshadow palettes and brushes so far, with an amazing quality at a lesser price.  

Ohhhh they look like the Morphe palettes yeah??? Definitely! While some stores in Nigeria sell the Morphe 35 palettes for 10,500/ 12,500 /15,000 You can get the hushbeauty palettes for 7000. Likeeeeeeeee for real!!! 7000! Thats an amazing dupe price. And lets not even talk about the pigmentation of these palettes now okay? 

Soooo i was going to order a similar palette from @duniquebeauty but it was out of stock, she introduced me to this palette to give it a try. Now i am very impressed with this palette! Very Very!!! The way the colors blend smoothly, pigmentation is INSANE! It has 9 matte and 26 shimmer shades. Had to swatch all of it!!! Y’all ready or Yasssssss???

But wait!!!! I Just checked my Instagram a minute ago and @Hushbeautyng posted a picture of their New Matte Liquid lipsticks!!! Okay Okay😭😭😭😭😭😭😭  

Can we talk about my love for 35OT palette? 

Sooooo impressed with this brand!!! Will definitely be getting more of their products!!!! They ship Nationwide and alot of stores has stocked the palettes. The love is Real!! Not everytime International πŸ™„ Support Nigerian brands guys…..

If you know any New Nigerian brand please comment below😊 Will definitely support them

If you have tried Hush beauty products, what are your thoughts about them? 

                             Lots of LoveπŸ’‹………..
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2 thoughts on “Hushbeauty 35OT palette SWATCHES & REVIEW

  1. It’s the exact same thing as the Nuban beauty palette but it’s cheaper. The pigmentation is insaaaannneeee!!! It’s worth every penny and better than a lot of overhyped brands in my opinion. Always tempted to buy a back up. Use it on myself and clients and they lav it! Good review 😊


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