Hey Guys,

I know have been gone for sooo long . It was Ramadan and Now Exams! Will be back  in August with alot of Amazing Stuff for this Blog! Little promise😁 

  So before taking a little break i really want to review these Nigerian Brand Liquid lipsticks from Taos Cosmetics . My New Favorites😩

I got mine from the Taos site but they are found in alot of stores in Nigeria Such as  Beauty kink .  Now , That Taos customer service is Ahhhhmmmmmmmaaaaaazzzziiiinnnnggggg. I am very serious! I will get their products on their site so far its in stock cos they have a great customer service and delivery. Short Story!!! I got delivered two Gold coasts instead of Eko city and when i contacted them, they sent me the Eko city the Next day! Cool yeah? 


  • Long Lasting 
  • The formula is smooth during application but it dries off Matte
  • Smudge proof
  • Very Affordable
  • Simple Cute Packaging 


 I really dont have anything bad to say about them so far! I really cant wait for them to release more colours. Thats all i want😁😁😁

L-R     Jozi, Gold Coast, Nairobi Fever, Marrakech , Eko city. 

I used my Iphone 6s with Natural Lightning to take these pictures since my canon is still misbehaving🙄


Definitely the Eko city! Like! It is soooo Amazing and its a perfect dupe for mac Ruby woo that retails for 8000 Naira now in Nigeria. Thats like getting 3 Taos!  1 taos is about 2,700 Naira. Whaaaaaaaaaat! Buy wisely🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Have you tried the Taos Velvetines? Whats your favourite? Be free to comment Guys💋 See you very soon❤️❤️❤️



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