MARCH FAVORITES: Product Review 

 Hey Guys

       I have always wanted to Review some of the amazing products i own and finally, i am posting a few favourites from the month of march. I literally used these babies for every look i created in march and its amazing how cheap i got these products. 


   These Brushes are from the 15pcs gold set and i remember i got this set mainly for the eye brushes. They are sooo soft and easy to work with. I use them everyday. And that beauty blender is a must-have. Am super shocked at how it works perfectly(ps: i always dampen my blender before use) . Soooo i got mine from Opvlashes when it was on about 40% sale and their international delivery was super fast( mine took 4 days ONLY). All in all, i am definitely grabbing more products from Opv coz its a YES for me❤️
 2. MORPHE 35O palette
   I am probably the last reviewing this palette right now. I got mine fromThedfstore (pre-order site) since morphe doesnt deliver to Nigeria/Khartoum. The swatches of this palette is every where so i didnt want to swatch them. Morphe has the cheapest palette with 35 shadows at $22 that i know of. 35O helps me blend out colours especially on the crease !!! It is very very pigmented

    H&E is a Nigerian brand that has amazing products and i got their brow pomade to give it a try. I never knew i would fall so much in love with this. This brow pomade works perfectly for my brows. I have got two of these but i use “Nubia” since its the darkest i have. With this, i feel i have the ABH pomade already coz this is booooomb! It gives a dry finish too and super easy to use sooo YES 

This is actually my very first brow kit i got a Year and a half ago. Yessssss that long. I got it when i started learning how to draw brows but it didnt work for me. Infact i dumped it cos it was too hard for me to get the idea of how to use this kit. Fast forward March 2016, i grabbed this kit again and vooooooom!!! So i first use the gel(left) and fill in with the powder(right) to give it a non-oily look. It actually comes with a small brow brush but mine is missing. And its super affordable, once you get the trick, your brows will fleek!!! 



           If you do not own any colourpop product…………. I dont know what to say!!! Colourpop has the most inexpensive products in the industry right now. These highlighters are the freaking boomb! I have 4 of them but these three my g o d!!! (L-R) “Electric slide, Spoon & Wisp” I actually use “spoon” on my light skin clients Cos it doesnt really work on me. If you see my wing cutting, its the CPC gel liner in “Swerve”. Its the best i have at the moment, and its super easy to apply and lasts for a very long time. 


  This Mac blush is in “Stubborn”. Its pretty old, i have had it for a year now(My Dad got me this😁). I am not really a blush fan! But when i used this, i got my look reposted on IG and everyone seened to love it so i have fallen in love with it pretty much. The shade is awesome and looks very pretty on every look, its worth every single penny. I honestly dont know if its discontinued or whatever but grab this wherever you see it cos its Amaaaazing! 


PS:All pictures where taken by me! 

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   Hopefully, i will keep posting reviews every month about my favorites and keep you all updated on some inexpensive products that does the work beautifully. Will include swatches in my next reviews!!! Am already late for school but i had to post this for you guys💋 



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