Hey Beauties,
     My birthday this year was full of amazing gifts. These babies are from my sister (Hey Zareex💋💋💋) and i am absolutely in love with them. I swatched all three!!! I couldn’t wait (lol) i mean, i have always wanted to try the liquid lipsticks from SLEEK. I have fallen for their Eyedusts too( i’ll drop a swatch of them, you’ll fall for them at first sight) I know😄 


        MATTE ME & GLOSS ME. Matte me has matte finishes and gloss me has gloss finishes. I know Its obvious but i am still saying them again( LOL) 


Rioja Red



Fandango Purple



Angel Fellas




Now i have loved Matte liquid lipsticks right from time. But here, i prefer the gloss me. Probably because it looked better with the smokey eyes i was wearing.  

Fandango purple doesnt really look good on me. I’ll probably mix it with a lipliner or lipstick next time. 

Anyways, these lippies last for a very long time( i had to use wipes to take them off while swatching), the lipsticks dry matte,  nice packaging and they are very affordable so Yesssssss. Got it for about 75SDG, thats about $8. 
For $8, these babies are good and Yes!! I would recommend them to anyone that doesnt want that “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat Price” because this sure does the work. I cant wait to get more colours from sleek. 

35B and 35O on the eyes

RIOJA RED with nyx lip liner in sexy red

FANDANGO PURPLE with rivaj lip liner in fushia 

ANGEL FELLAS with Mac brown lip liner

   Ya’ll tell me whats your favourite sleek product? 



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